railis design

Railis Design

Railis Kotlevs is the mastermind behind Railis Design, a family owned and operated studio, creating spectacular and interesting furniture and homewares inspired directly by the beauty and epic history of his home, Iceland. Railis Kotlevs is a Renaissance man in the art world; he is skilled in music, graphic design, writing, and film making, and we are excited to be able to offer you the fruits of his craftmanship!


Railis notes that Iceland’s nature was the driving force behind his dedication to eco-friendly design, the undeniably beautiful surroundings made him realise that he needed to be better to our planet. For a long while, he wondered how he could share this kind of natural splendour with the world in a way that did not contribute to the devastation of the environment. The result of this internal conversation was the creation of some original artwork using parts of nature he found while venturing around Iceland on foot – rocks, driftwood, and even flowers.


Starting with the wonder that is Icelandic nature, and then furthering this wonderful inspiration with mid-century, surrealism and Dadaism, Railis Design create furniture in a way that is distinctive in design and physicality; clearly draw inspiration from Iceland’s pristine waters, striking landscapes, majestic mountains, and lush wildlife. Each piece is eco-friendly and environmentally sound in every aspect. That means utilising reclaimed wood, no cutting trees, and no threat to the environment. Railis ensures that each piece of work comes complete with it’s own interesting story and history intact. The cherry on top? Everything is made completely by hand – not just an impressive feat, but meaning no two pieces are alike; you can enjoy a totally unique work of art.