Lope Home

Lope Home



“We’re fascinated by how the use of colours, textures and patterns can impact a home and the emotions of its occupants” – Lope provides print focused textiles made from 100% cotton and water based inks. 


This creative collaboration between Liz Chadwick and Amy Yu was born on a grassy median strip of Melbourne’s inner north, after discussing their agreed discontent towards current textile designs. It was on this sunny afternoon, late in 2015, that both Liz and Amy decided to bring a sense of originality back into the everyday.


Drawing inspiration from objects, architecture and the human form, the creative process begins by mapping their ideas in the form of paintings and sketches – words are saved for later. This eloquent spontaneity is maintained through to their final designs; you’ll note the slightly unsteady edges and subtle imperfections that Liz and Amy strive for.


“We want our towels, pillows and quilt covers to act as a feature of the home, rather than an extension.”