Rug by Gur

Since 2013, designer Célia Esteves, has worked in partnership with artisan rug weavers in her native Portugal, whilst simultaneously inviting artists to express themselves through this very specific technique. 
Creating authentic Portuguese kitchen rugs, GUR maintains and focuses on tradition, but allows discovery and expansion of artistic forms while using traditional materials and techniques from the rich history and culture of Portugal. Coincidentally, these rugs also make incredible wall hangings! Frame or no frame.
“I love creating things with my hands, to feel the evolution and satisfaction that you can get from a handmade object.”
“GUR can be the first place where you put your feet in the morning, a picnic friend or a frame in your living room.”
The already brilliant collection continues to grow with new collaborations. Each GUR rug is handmade and comes in a limited edition of 50.